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Sundrella’s ‘Brave The Shave’ Challenge!

A message from Thermaco Internal Sales Coordinator – Sundrella Kirby

‘I have signed myself up for the “Brave The Shave” challenge! It is a fundraising challenge under MacMillan Cancer Support.

So, I will be shaving my head on my birthday (5th February 2023) in support of my mother-in-law (Cheryl Kirby).

My heart goes out to all people that go through this difficult moment in life and also to the people that walk this journey with them.

If you’d like to donate, please follow this link:


All of your donations mean a lot to me.

Thank you very much.

After the shave, my hair will be donated to the Little Princess Trust, so that they can make a real hair wig,

free of charge to children and young people who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment and other conditions ❤️

Thank you for your support everyone!!’