Rocker & Push Button Switches

Everel is a leading producer and supplier of electromechanical components for major worldwide household appliance companies and car manufacturers.
Through its Switch brands, Signal Lux, Molveno and Dreefs, Everel offers a wide range of products for the Household Appliance & Commercial Electronics sectors.
The extremely versatile range of switches on offer includes rocker, slide, push-button and rotary. These products are available in different sizes, wiring diagrams and ratings, as well as in different colours and with various markings. Each product series also has its own specific set of accessories.
Everel switches are found on everything from large and small appliances to HVAC, products for cleaning and outdoor applications, electronics devices, pumps and motors. Wherever they are used, Everel switches deliver unrivalled quality and reliability.

The name Signal Lux has been synonymous with the European Domestic Appliance industry for over 60 years, supplying high quality signal lamps and rocker & push-button switches. After the un-timely death of the founder, the company was eventually sold to the Everel Group, in 2007. Everel has maintained the Signal Lux brand as part of its marketing strategy.
The Molveno product range is highly diversified; encompassing various rocker, rotary, push-button and slide switch models to connectors and illuminated indicators. The selection of sizes, ratings and accessories is unequalled. With the aim of consolidating its position among the leading electromechanical components manufacturers, Molveno has continued to invest in new products, designing several new push-button switch series’ over the past 6 years
Dreefs, the historical brand established in Germany in 1903, has developed a wide range of rotary switches, push button panels, energy regulators, electronic boards and selectors. Since becoming part of the Everel family, development of encoders and selector switches has been the prime objective.