Peltier Devices

Standard Module

The peltier/thermoelectric module can meet the requirement of higher current and large cooling. It is often applied to experimental, scientific and biomedical instruments, laboratory equipment, industry and electrical equipment and consumables. The ambient temperature can arrive 100C, long-term working temperature is recommended to be below 90C.

Miniature Model
The thermoelectric miniature module suitable for various cooling and heat applications where only a limited area and a small amount of cooling or heat are involved. Typical applications are laser diode cooling, infrared systems, electro-optics and electronic equipment and other low wattage applications.
Multistage Module
The peltier multi-stage module designed for higher temperature, it can achieve significant higher ∆T than single stage peltier module, the maximum ∆T can achieve 131℃. It is suitable for applications where a small or medium cooling capacity but higher ∆T is required. Typical applications include IR-detectors, CCD arrays and electro-optics. These items are also available with different configurations in cascade designs to meet a range of deep cooling applications.
High Performance Modules

Our High Performance TEM´s are typically used in experimental instruments, chillers and PCR cyclers and analyzer. Because of the larger hot side ceramic, these Peltier modules bring extra dissipation capacity, higher cooling efficiency and longer working time. Our standard list of High Performance TEM includes sizes from 30x30mm up to 55×55 mm.

Center Hole and Annual Modules

Center hole TEM´s allow the transmission of light, wires, probes or other hardware through the TEM.
Examples for applications are industrial equipment, electrical equipment, laboratory and optical-electronics. These thermoelectric modules are available as round and angular design.

High Temperature Modules

High-temperature modules have excellent cycle stability and are suitable for particularly high temperatures or as power generators from waste heat. The High Temperature TEM-modules are able to work at an ambient temperature of 250°C, but we recommend a long-term working temperature below 200°C.

Power Generator Modules

By using the theory of the Seebeck Effect, our Power Generator TEM´s can generate power from temperature difference. These type of TEM is suitable for detector instruments, various environments where it´s hard to get or unsuitable for electrical power and the excess or waste heat recycling fields. “Standard” sizes are 25x25mm, 30x30mm and 40x40mm.