Cable Glands

Thermaco offer a wide range of Hugro Cable Glands.
Top-quality products have allowed Hugro to become one of the leading suppliers in the industry, and has allowed them to serve you as a convenient “one-stop shop” with a product range designed to cover your entire needs.

Hygienic Design Cable Glands
Thanks to our wide range of high quality hygienic cable glands, all areas where easy and effective cleanability and durability are important are covered. Be it in the food, pharmaceutical or chemical industry. This is also confirmed by the EHEDG certification or FDA conformity.
Metallic Cable Glands
Our metal cable glands are covering all the requirements of the industry due to our series variety. Typical fields of application are general machine and plant construction, measurement and control technology. Our cable glands conform to a wide range of national and international standards and have the appropriate approvals.
Synthetic Material Cable Glands
Our synthetic cable glands are available in various shapes, colors, threads and materials to meet the general requirements of our customers. Most series have a wide range of certifications
EMC Protection Cable Glands
With the increasing exposure to electromagnetic radiation, the requirements for system solutions for cable shielding are increasing. Here you will find a variety of solutions for reducing the transfer impedance, so that sensitive electronic components can function smoothly.
EX Protection Cable Glands
Here you will find a wide range of ex-protected cable glands, protective sleeves and accessories, such as transition pieces and blind plugs certified according to the latest international approvals. The Ex d, Ex e and / or Ex ta certified products are designed to meet the most demanding requirements for reliability, strain relief and tightness. Typical fields of application are, for example, offshore or gas-fueled plants, refineries and the chemical industry.