AC & DC Tangential Fans

Cross-flow wheels in 30mm diameter with blower housings in galvanized steel. The TAN030 cross-flow is produced in the following lengths: 200, 250, 300 & 350mm. There are two basic 230Vac shaded pole motor options with 8mm & 15mm stack size. Motors can be mounted at either end with various orientations and terminal/lead wire positions.
The 45 mm diameter blower is available in wheel lengths of 180-250mm, with 15mm & 20mm stack 230Vac shaded pole motor options. Similar to the TAN060 range, the 45mm unit is also available with heating elements as a compact option for electric heating customers. Other applications for this type of blower include oven/cooker cooling and refrigeration.
The 60mm diameter blower can be supplied with 15, 20 or 30mm stack, 230Vac shaded pole motors, to obtain required rpm, airflow and pressure. The TAN060 is produced in a wide range of wheel lengths from 60mm to 605mm. There are three housing options; “TG1” general application, “TG2” high pressure and “TG3” for applications requiring reduced dimensions and/or quiet operation.
TAN045/060 with Heating Element
Thermaco supplies blowers and stitched wire heating elements designed for the electric fireplace market. The Tan 045 is particularly suitable in narrow profile inset fires. Other applications include bathroom heaters, wall mounted space heaters, kick-board space heaters and air curtains. Standard elements are 180mm, 2 x 1000W with an 85°C PTC cut-out, with other lengths from 120 to 300mm available on request.
TAN060 Duplex
Cross-flow TAN060 can also be supplied as a double unit with a twin shaft, 230Vac, shaded pole motor. Individual wheel lengths of 120, 180, 270 & 360mm are available.
We welcome OEM enquiries for alternative designs and also brushless DC motor options