Our Mini Intelligent Dehumidifying Devices adopt the semi-conducting cooling dehumidification method. The fans of the dehumidification device absorb the moist air into the dehumidification air tube from the confined space. When the moist air contacts the cooling parts, the moisture in the air will turn into condensation.

Condensed water, under the effect of gravity, drips into the water tank and drains off from the aqueduct. The recycling of the dehumidification process drains the water of the cabinet in the form of condensation, so as to dehumidify and prevent condensation. The dehumidifying way of semiconductor refrigeration can reduce the amount of water in the air. It can also reduce both air humidity and relative humidity in the confined space.

These products overcome the disadvantages of traditional heating dehumidification as it cannot truly reduce air humidity and causes the temperature in the cabinet to rise.

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