IEC EN60320 Type

IEC 60320 connectors are primarily used with domestic appliances and consumer and commercial electronic devices. IEC 60320 is a set of standards produced by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for a range of connector designs for connecting power cordsets to electrical appliances, with a voltage and current not exceeding 250 VAC and 16A respectively.

The shape and size of each connector design determine its current and temperature rating and earthing requirements. The appliance connector is called the ‘inlet’ connector. However, in some cases, there are ‘outlet’ as well as ‘inlet’ versions to enable power to be taken from the appliance as well as to it.

The standard uses the term ‘appliance coupler’ to encompass the connectors on both the power cordset and that integrated within the appliance. The appliance connector may incorporate a switch or fuse, as required by certain applications.

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