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In 1963, in a cellar on the outskirts of Milan, Trial’s founder, Silvestro Di Girolamo, started his and Trial’s adventure. Without support for the initial investment, in a few years he had developed and realized a structure and a team of people able to produce great electrical motors, mostly for record players. Later, the range of products and appliances considerably increased. From that moment on Trial S.r.l. started to be recognized in Italy and all over the world. In the eighties Silvestro, with the assistance of valuable technicians, designed the first coffee vending machine in the world for offices and small community. The product was really appreciated and was sold all over the world. From 2003 Davide, Silvestro’s son, has led the company; still based on the values and teachings learned in twenty years working together, and the company has continued to grow. During these years Davide tried first to create a team which was equal to the market requirements and needs. This reorganisation has helped him to pursue his target of always working for new products, of offering an efficient service and, especially guaranteeing to our clients, products of excellent quality. Today Trial S.r.l. is a competitive, dynamic and flexible company, it is the 1° Italian producer of cross-flow blowers and it is also recognized and appreciated throughout the world.

Through a deep and careful analysis of requirements and needs Trial offers customers the best technical and commercial solutions. Where required Trial performs a complete analysis of the final application in order to develop tailor-made products, optimized for specific requirements. Every year dozens of customer’s applications are analysed at Trial’s testing lab by monitoring working cycles and operating conditions. A constant monitoring of customer satisfaction drives Trial on a continuous improvement of all products and services. Through the adoption of a CRM software all customer information is combined and organized allowing to the company to efficiently follow up all the requests. Our mission: Improvement and continuous development linked with customer satisfaction.