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Established in 1980, Sedes Group counts on over 30 years know-how, acquired in the field of heating elements. The production of wound components, coils, transformers and electric heaters, marks the beginning of its adventure. Sedes designs and manufactures high quality products in order to satisfy customer’s unique requirements. Every day Sedes responds to business companies and private sector requests for flexibility, anticipating and reacting to the challenges of the new markets. Thanks to it’s staff experience and expertise, as well as the ability to offer high-quality products, Sedes preserves it’s roots but at the same time is up to the highest quality international standards. Sedes offers a flexible and reliable service for high quality products at a competitive price. They are always looking for innovative and technological progress in order to provide economical and energy saving solutions.

Heating Cables

Crankcase Heaters

PTC Heaters

Cable on Foil Heaters

Mat Heaters

Anti-condensation Heaters

Tubular Heaters

Monotube Heaters

Tubular Finned Heaters

Immersion Heaters