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Since 1991, GP Motors has designed and manufactured the highest quality, custom OEM electric motors, custom fans and blowers, custom electromechanical motor assemblies and components in the industry.
GP Motors portfolio includes custom Electronically Commutated ECM motors and fans, Brushless motors, permanent magnet DC motors, AC motors, custom electromechanical motor assemblies and components. All of the electric motors and fans in our portfolio are easily customized to meet customer’s unique requirements. As a custom electric motor manufacturer, GP Motors also offers customers the option of working with our experienced technical engineering team on a “clean sheet” electric motor design for a truly custom electric motors solution!
All of our custom electric motors and fans are engineered and manufactured in our 120,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Ningbo, Zhejiang.
OEMs worldwide have selected GP Motors as their custom electric motor manufacturer for applications including agricultural equipment, medical mobility and medical / health care equipment, industrial, material handling, construction, metal working, welding, HVAC, commercial cleaning, fluid power, fire protection, door automation, power tools, food processing and recreation equipment, off road vehicles, cranes, hoists, Winches and many more.

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