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BestFun Electric

BESTFUN electric co. Ltd. established in 2002, specialises in research, development and manufacture of electrical instruments. Exporting predominantly to Europe and the USA, we produce the following:

Quality assurance and customer satisfaction are among BESTFUN’s top priorities. Besides, they have obtained European ‘CE’ and ‘GS’ approval for their Portable RCD. Truly satisfying people through innovation, state-of-the-art design, reliability of product and service are evident throughout BESTFUN. Quality, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement are the primary focus of the business. Every employee is aware and proud of his or her individual contributions to the overall effort to continually improve the levels of quality and customer satisfaction.
BESTFUN’s R&D staff, having expertise in computer technology and product design, plays a key role in the enhancement of production efficiency and new product development. They are constantly developing new products and improving processes to meet existing as well as new market demands. Emphasis is on cost effective and efficient production techniques, new product types and functions.


Non-Contact Voltage Testers