Since 1969 Anstoss has been employed in the research, development and manufacture of electronic gas ignition systems and has been a pioneer in this field.
The majority of products are produced in their Vienna Factory, where they have introduced and installed process automation to a high level. In their production plants in Hungary and Rumania they have implemented, under supervision of the centralised Austrian quality management, manual and semi-automatic production processes.
With this strategy Anstoss hopes to satisfy the requirements of both present and future market demands, by offering products of a high quality level at competitive prices.
Special attention is placed on the manufacturing of the high tension coils, potting, and the functional testing of their ignitors.
These processes are executed in Anstoss’ Vienna location, with full automatic production and test equipment designed and developed internally. For example, an ignitor for gas hobs will have up to 20 electrical parameters tested during the production process. The results are retained in the computer archive and can be related to any individual ignitor by reference to a unique serial number printed on the body.
The Anstoss product range includes:
Single spark ignitors
Repetitive spark ignitors
Battery operated ignitors
Switch bands
Full sequence control units – customised to individual customer requirements

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