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James Styles – Macmillan Longest Day Golf Challenge

Gas products Assistant Product Manager James Styles will be attempting the Macmillan Longest Day Golf Challenge on July 5th.

Please find below some words from James letting you know all about it:

“Hi Folks, on the 5th July, Sapey Golf & Country Club will host 3 other hackers and I, who will be attempting the Macmillan Longest Day Golf Challenge. For those who are unaware of what this entails, it is 72 holes (4 rounds of 18), marketed as 24 miles (though with my zigzagging it is likely to be significantly more than this), and will take around 16 hours to complete. We first tee off at 06:00h, and are due to tee off for the final 18 holes at 18:05h.

I appreciate that times may be tough for all of us, but even more so for the charities who may not have been receiving their regular levels of donations.

I lost my grandfather to Pancreatic cancer in October 1999, my partner Nikki’s mum (Jackie) to Cholangiocarcinoma in July 2017, and my dear brother Tom to Glioblastoma in November of the same year.

Macmillan support was vital in assisting my grandmother in 1999, as she had recently begun the slow recovery from a stroke. Macmillan, as well as running the hospice in which Jackie spent her final days, also provided enduring support to Nikki’s dad, Bill, and family in Scotland preceding, and subsequent to, Jackie’s untimely passing.

Whilst I did not access Macmillan support myself, they have been there for people close to me and, by proxy, are a charity that is close to my heart.

You can find the link to our (incomplete) team page below, from where you can make donations. You can also see all the details of the event should you wish to come and see some average golf at any time of the day, and/or tired golfers on shot 300+ at the end of the day.

I hope that you have a bit of a laugh reading about us, we will try to get regular updates and photos out on the day (if we have time and the very poor signal at the golf course allows).

Please support however you can.”

Please find James’ team page here