Effective Cooling Solutions

Thermaco has an enviable reputation for supplying OEM customers with effective cooling solutions in the form of Fans & Blowers, Heat Sinks and Cooling Modules.

Thermal Interface Material (otherwise known as TIM) is used to form an effective thermal bridge between a heat sink and heat source (invariably IC’s, LED Arrays or Power Semi-conductors).

The requirement to increase the power output of certain products, such as in LED Lighting, within a similar or even smaller, form factor, can adversely affect a product’s reliability. The use of an effective TIM helps improve the thermal transfer from component to heat sink, and so reduce the potential for failure.

Some customers can be forgiven for thinking the cost of TIM outweighs the benefit of its incorporation into their assembly, so Thermaco has sourced, and can provide, the following products, at competitive prices:

* Thermally Conductive Paste (also known as Thermal Grease or Gap Filler); packaged in tubs, tubes or syringes

* Thermal Adhesive; supplied in sachets and used to bond IC’s to heat sinks where there are no other mounting method is available

* Thermally Conductive Pads; supplied in sheets, rolls, or die cut to customer specific size and shape

* Double sided thermal tape; designed to aid in the assembly process

* Thermal Phase Change Material; changes from a solid at room temperature to a liquid at operating temperature, increasing the level of contact between the heat source and heat sink mating surfaces

All the above products are offered with various heat transfer value options.

Anyone using TIM, interested in receiving a quotation, should provide details of the product that they currently use, including volumes, packaging type and specification. Alternatively, the existing manufacture’s name and product reference number should be sufficient for Thermaco to establish and propose a suitable alternative.

Please send your enquiry to sales@thermaco.co.uk