About Us

For 40 years Thermaco has been supplying Thermal Management Devices and Gas & Electro-Mechanical Components such as Cooling Fans & Thermal Modules, Power Cords, Gas Ignition & Control and Power Supplies & Adaptors to a diverse range of UK OEM’s and CEM’s. Our customer base includes manufacturers of LED Lighting, Domestic Appliances, Commercial Catering, CCTV & Security Systems, Food Display & Vending Equipment, Medical & Scientific Instrumentation, IT & Video Communication Devices, Leisure Products, Ventilation and Transportation Equipment.
More recently, the addition of large Axial Fans and Blowers has increased our activities within industrial markets such as the Commercial Air-conditioning, Heat Pumps, Space Heating and Load Banks.
Our customers benefit from our application and product knowledge, and dedication to customer service. Our suppliers are well known for their product quality, innovation and reliable manufacturing lead times.
Whether you are looking at a new product development or simply to replace an existing component, our aim is to offer you a high level of technical and commercial support from concept to mass production.

We currently represent, as UK Agent/ Distributor, the following companies:

Sunon – EC, AC & DC Cooling Fans, Blowers & Accessories
Sunon – Thermal Modules, Heat Sinks & Heat Pipes
Mingfa Tech – Heat Sinks for LED Lighting
Halnziye – Thermal Interface Material
P&N Technology – Peltier Devices and Thermoelectric Cooling Modules
Sunon – Ventilation Products
Vtronic – Ventilation Products
Sanmu – EC & AC Axial Fans & Blowers
GP Tech – EC Refrigeration Fan Motors & Pre-mix Blowers
Shunhe – Tangential Fans & Shaded Pole Motors
Trial – Tangential Fans, Centrifugal & Hot-gas Blowers
Freitech – Heating Elements
• Sedes – Heating Elements
Ying Jiao – Switched Mode Power Supplies, Power Adaptors & LED Drivers
Magtech – LED Drivers
Yunhuan – UK & International Power Cords
Hugro – Cable Glands and Cable Entry Systems
Electro-Terminal – Appliance Terminal Blocks
Lefoo – Pressure Switches & Transducers
Everel – Rocker & Push-Button Switches
EDEP – Gas Tap Switch Bands, Signal Lamps & LED Modules
Bestfun – RCD’s & Non-contact Voltage Detectors
Faucigny – Electro-Mechanical Timers
Coupatan – Electro-Mechanical Timers & Time Switches
• Anstoss – Electronic Gas Ignition Systems
• MP Gas Controls – Gas Taps, Oxypilots and Fittings
Erta – Ignition Electrodes, Oxypilots & Thermocouples
Kosma – Piezo Gas Igniters
• BLF – HT Leads & High Temperature Cables

Thermaco also has representation for the following products:

• Die Castings and Extrusions
• AC Refrigeration Fan Motors
• Oven & Hot Gas Fan Motors
• Thermal Safety Cut-outs
• IEC & Power Connectors
• Cable Assemblies & Wiring Looms
• Lighting and Electrical Components
• Plastic & Rubber Moulded Components
• Custom Gas Pipes
• Brass Components