SUNON increases LED spotlight active cooling range with launch of 5,000lm module

Sunon, the world’s leading manufacturer of AC/DC fans and cooling modules, announces it’s new LED active cooling solution, for LED modules delivering up to 5,000lm (75W), now available through their UK agent and distributor, Thermaco Limited.

As demand for high power LED lighting continues to grow, it constantly faces many technological challenges. Heat dissipation is one of the particularly major challenges of the LED lighting industry. Sunon’s active cooling solution is now four times more effective than passive cooling. With the excellent efficiency of Sunon’s products, the size and weight of LED lighting can be significantly reduced.

Sunon offers LED passive and active cooling solutions for Zhaga compliant products. As a member of the standards organisation, Sunon is dedicated to development of book standard specifications and total LED cooling solutions. The standard solution for Book 3 is currently released.

Sunon LED Active Cooling Solution Key features:

  • DR Maglev Technology: Sunon’s DR Maglev Motor Fan contains three advantages: prevents impeller instability, high dust-resistance and high reliability.
  • Dust-resistance: After a test of 72 hours operation, according to the IEC 60529 dust test standard, the result showed that the Sunon fan motor functioned normally. When the fan was disassembled, no dust was found inside the fan motor or along the fan axis.
  • Super Silence: Sunon provides a very low noise level, lower than 20 phon, and almost no detectable vibration.
  • Long Life: Using the patented DR Maglev Motor Technology provides an impressive 70,000 hours of life at 60OC.
  • Lower Cost: The benefits of applying a fan can significantly reduce, by over 70%, heat sink material use and cost up to 60% less.

Sunon is the best partner for cooling solutions, having already partnered with international brands Philips, Osram, Vossloh, Bridgelux, Citizen, GE, Xicato and Tridonic. With them Sunon has developed several products, such as Philips Fortimo, GE Infusion and Osram PrevaLED solutions, with low power consumption, high efficiency, super silence and dust-limiting features, which dramatically increases the life time of LED Lighting.

Thermaco holds stock of the complete range of Sunon LED cooling modules and their Application Engineers are on call to offer technical and commercial advice for all types of indoor and outdoor LED lighting thermal solutions

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